Birds That Start With The Letter O (With Pictures)

Some of the most popular birds that start with the letter O are the oilbird, oriental magpie, oak titmouse, and orange fruit dove. Listed below are some additional birds that begin with O:

  • Oak titmouse – A small brown-shaded gray bird that is seen in pairs or small groups and sometimes with mixed species.
  • Ocellated antbird – A medium-sized antbird that has distinctive blue skin around the eyes.
  • Ocellated tapaculo – A bird that is found in South America and has a beautifully patterned body.
  • Ochre-bellied flycatcher – A small flycatcher that has plain olive plumage with an ochre-colored belly and is found in humid tropical forests.
  • Ochre-lored flatbill – A passerine bird that is also known as the yellow-breasted flycatcher.
  • Ochre-naped ground tyrant – A migratory flycatcher that has gray-shaded feathers and ochre-colored nape.
  • Oilbird – A fruit-eating bird that uses echolocation to navigate at night.
  • Olivaceous woodcreeper – A small passerine bird that has a slender bill and grayish head and upper parts.
  • Olive warbler – The male olive warbler has a tawny-orange head and breast with black ear patches, while the female has a pale yellow head and breast with gray ear patches.
  • Olive-bellied sunbird – A type of sunbird that has colorful plumage, especially in males.
  • Olive-throated parakeet – A green parrot with an olive-brown throat, known for its harsh screeching chirps.
  • Orange chat – The orange chat has a potbelly that is colored orange, and its tail is short and squared off at the end.
  • Orange fruit dove – A beautiful dove that has a bright orange feathered body that is hair-like in appearance.
  • Orange-breasted falcon – A large falcon with an orange breast and underparts, a barring pattern that looks like a vest on its belly, and the same pattern under its wing which is visible when flying.
  • Orange-fronted yellow finch – Males have bright orange foreheads while females are olive-brown.
  • Oriental bay owl – A nocturnal owl that has a high angular head, heart-shaped face, small rounded ear tufts, and creepy dark eyes that are emphasized by the paleness of the face.
  • Oriental magpie – A magpie species that is known to be the official bird of several South Korean places.
  • Oriental scops owl – A type of owl that has yellow eyes and is usually rufous or grayish-brown plumage.
  • Oriole blackbird – A bird that has a bright yellow head, neck, and underparts, and the rest of its body is black.
  • Ovenbird – A small migratory songbird that has an olive-brown back and white with black streaks on its breast and is known for its loud call.


Many birds start with the letter O, from the oilbird to the oriole blackbird. Each has its unique characteristics and colorings and can be seen in a variety of habitats around the world. Whether you’re looking for a beautiful bird to observe in your backyard or are searching for an interesting species to photograph, these birds offer an incredible variety of options.

Ocellated antbird Image by: Mdf, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Ocellated tapaculo Image by: joel rosenthal from miami, florida, usa, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Ochre-lored flatbill Image by: Hector Bottai, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Olive-throated parakeet Image by:, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons