Birds That Start With The Letter N (With Pictures)

Some of the most popular birds that start with the letter N are the Northern bald ibis, Newton’s sunbird, Nashville warbler, and Northern white-faced owl. These fascinating feathered creatures have distinctive features that make them stand out and here are some of the interesting facts about them.

  • Namaqua dove – A small diurnal pigeon that has a distinct black face, bill, and throat in males.
  • Nankeen kestrel – The Nankeen kestrel is a small type of falcon that can be found hovering over grasslands or crops, or perching where it can easily be seen to hunt prey.
  • Narcissus flycatcher – A type of flycatcher that has a yellow-orange rump and black tail.
  • Naretha bluebonnet – A type of parrot that has a bright blue face and lives in remote regions of Australia.
  • Nashville warbler – A small migratory songbird that has a gray head, yellow underparts, white eyering, and olive upper parts.
  • Neotropic cormorant – A medium-sized waterbird that has an S-shaped neck and is known to be a great diver.
  • New Holland honeyeater – An Australian honeyeater that has white irises, black wings, and a tail with yellow margins.
  • New Zealand fernbird – A small fernbird that usually camouflages in the trees because of its brown plumage with black streaks.
  • Newton’s sunbird – A small sunbird that has a greenish-purple throat, yellow underparts, and dark olive upper parts in males.
  • Nightingale Island finch – A small, chunky lemon-olive finch that has a gray eye patch.
  • Noisy friarbird – A bird that has a black and knob-like bump on its head.
  • Noisy miner – A type of honeyeater bird that is pugnacious and territorial, driving out other birds to take over the feeding grounds.
  • North Island saddleback – A black-bodied songbird that has saddle-like chestnut feathers on its back.
  • Northern bald ibis – A large non-wading bird that has a red bare face and head, long curved bill, and glossy black body.
  • Northern beardless tyrannulet – A small flycatcher that is known to make nests from weaved leaves and build them in a globe-like shape.
  • Northern bobwhite – A round-bodied quail and is commonly dwells in the ground to find food.
  • Northern saw-whet owl – A small North American owl known for its incredibly acute hearing that allows it to easily find and capture prey.
  • Northern white-faced owl – A medium-sized owl that has prominent ear tufts and white feathers on its face that covers its beak.
  • Nubian woodpecker – A woodpecker that has heavy patterning on its feathers and black-streaked ears.
  • Nuttall’s woodpecker – The woodpecker has a red crown on males, black wings, and tails with white barring for both sexes.


These are just some of the many birds that start with the letter N. Each one has unique physical features and behavior patterns, making them an interesting and exciting part of the avian kingdom. Whether you are an experienced bird watcher or just a novice, there are plenty of bird species to explore and discover.

Naretha bluebonnet Image by: NarethaLove, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons