Birds That Start With The Letter M (With Pictures)

Some of the most popular birds that start with the letter M are the Mandarin duck, macaroni penguin, merlin, and monk parakeet. Here are some more fascinating avian friends that begin with M:

  • Macaroni penguin – A penguin that has a large body and stiff orange crest.
  • Maccoa duck – An awkward-looking penguin that has legs farther from their bodies and a stiff tail that appears raised when in water.
  • Madagascar fish eagle – A large raptor that is found in Madagascar.
  • Madagascar pygmy kingfisher – A small bird found in the forests of Madagascar.
  • Magellanic oystercatcher – A wader that has yellow eyes and the eye ring that surrounds it.
  • Magellanic penguin – The penguin’s black and white coloration helps it blend in with the water, making it more difficult for prey to spot.
  • Maghreb magpie – A black and white magpie that has a blue patch on the side of its eye.
  • Magnificent frigatebird – A large seabird that has a red pouch on its throat.
  • Magnificent riflebird – The riflebird has a blue throat that is iridescent and triangular in shape.
  • Mandarin duck – A small, attractive waterbird that is used prominently in Chinese culture and art.
  • Merlin – A type of falcon found in the Northern Hemisphere, distinguished by its stellar hunting abilities.
  • Mexican whip-poor-will – A nightjar that is named after its whistling call.
  • Meyer’s parrot – An African parrot that is known to be a good pet.
  • Monk parakeet – A type of parrot that colonially builds nests and uses them all year long.
  • Mountain bluebird – A small, gorgeous bluebird that has a turquoise body and belly that fades to white.
  • Mountain wagtail – An African wagtail whose wing edges are black with white covert bars.
  • Mourning dove – A bird that is also called a turtle dove and is commonly associated with mourning.
  • Mouse-colored tapaculo – Males of this species are purely dark gray in color, while females have dark brown upper parts and transition into a dark gray coloration below.
  • Musician wren – A colorful bird found in Central and South America that is known for its melodious song.
  • Mute swan – A large white swan that has an orange and black bill and is known for having little sound when it vocalizes, which sets it apart from other types of swans.


Birds are the feathered wonders of the animal kingdom, and many of them start with the letter M! From macaroni penguins to mute swans, these birds all have their unique look and song that make them truly special in the wild.