Birds That Start With The Letter I (With Pictures)

Some of the most popular birds that start with the letter I are inca jays, ibisbill, indigo bunting, and indian eagle-owl. Not only are these birds extraordinary, but they also carry some interesting characteristics that make them stand out from other birds. 

Here is a list of birds that start with the letter I:

  • Iberian green woodpecker – A male Iberian green woodpecker has a red moustachial stripe while the female is black.
  • Ibisbill – A bird that is known to be a great swimmer and uses its down-curved bill to look under rocks for food.
  • Iceland gull – A gull that is dove-like in appearance and has a high-pitched call similar to a herring gull.
  • Imperial shag – A type of cormorant that has blue eyes and a slender neck.
  • Inca dove – A dove that has scale-like feathers that flare out in flight.
  • Inca jay – A type of jay that is mainly found in the mountain ranges of the Andes.
  • Inca tern – A large tern that is famous for its white mustache on both sides of its face.
  • Indian eagle-owl – An Indian horned owl that is fondly seen in rocky hills and semi-deserts in the Indian subcontinent.
  • Indian pond heron – A fairly small common heron that is found near marshes and ponds in India.
  • Indian scops owl – A nocturnal scops owl and often camouflages because of its natural color.
  • Indian yellow-nosed albatross – An albatross that is known to be the smallest of the mollymawks and breeds in a colony.
  • Indigo bunting – A songbird that has a vibrant blue color body and indigo head.
  • Indigo-capped hummingbird – The seeds-eating hummingbird has a very prominent blue color amongst males during the summer season.
  • Intermediate egret – A stocky, medium-sized heron that is known to have an all-white body and short yellow or bicolored bill.
  • Iris lorikeet – A small, brightly-colored parrot that is known to be a good pet.
  • Isabelline bush-hen – The Isabelline bush-hen, also known as the Sulawesi waterhen, is a large waterhen with long legs.
  • Island thrush – A common thrush that is found in forests and varies in plumages.
  • Italian sparrow – A tiny sparrow that is the national bird of Italy.
  • Ivory gull – A small gull that is found in the High Arctic.
  • Izu thrush – The Izu thrush is a thrush that is found in Japan.


It is quite amazing how many birds have the letter I as their first letter. Each of these birds holds a different ability, from being great swimmers to camouflage in their environment. If you love birds and you happen to come across one of these lovely creatures, don’t forget to take a picture!

Izu thrush Image by: Nesnad, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons