Birds That Start With The Letter J (With Pictures)

Some of the most popular birds that start with the letter J are jabiru, jungle owlet, jacky winter, and Japanese quail. While all of these birds can be found in different parts of the world, some have more unique traits than others. Here are birds that start with the letter J and some facts about them.

  • Jabiru – A jabiru is one of the largest flying storks in South America.
  • Jackson’s hornbill – A black and white colored hornbill that is medium in size and is native to North West Kenya and North East Uganda.
  • Jacky winter – A small Australian passerine bird known for its distinctive call.
  • Jacobin cuckoo – A migratory cuckoo that has an attractive crest.
  • Jamaican euphonia – A small, parrot-like bird that is common in Jamaica.
  • Jambu fruit dove – The male Jambu fruit doves stand out because of the pink blush on their chests.
  • James’s flamingo – A flamingo found in the Andes and has a pale pink plumage.
  • Jandaya parakeet – A brightly colored parakeet that is native to Brazil.
  • Japanese paradise flycatcher – Adult male Japanese paradise flycatchers tend to have very long tails and black hoods with glossy purple-blue upper parts.
  • Japanese quail – A small quail that is native to Japan and has a chunky brown body.
  • Japanese thrush – The male Japanese thrush has a black body with spots on the flanks and belly, while the female has a brown body with an orange shade on her flanks.
  • Japanese wood pigeon – A medium-sized wood pigeon that has dark purplish plumage and a metallic green neck.
  • Javan hawk-eagle – A vertically crested raptor and is the national bird of Indonesia.
  • Javan pond heron – A wading bird that is found in wetland habitats.
  • Javan whistling thrush – A small, passerine bird that is native to Indonesia.
  • Jerdon’s baza – A medium-sized, brown, and white colored bird of prey that has a thin white-tipped black crest.
  • Josephine’s lorikeet – A multi-colored parrot that lives in forests and often feeds on nectar, flower buds, and pollens.
  • Joyful greenbul – A small, songbird that is found in Africa.
  • Jungle owlet – A small brown owlet that is known for its finely-barred round head and no obvious facial discs, unlike other owls.
  • Juniper titmouse – A small, gray-colored passerine bird that has a plain face and small crest.


Birds have a massive variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and habitats. The letter J is no exception, with many interesting birds that start with it. These range from the large Jabiru stork to the small Jungle Owlet, each with its unique traits. Whether you’re searching for a rare species or a common sight, there’s certainly a bird that starts with the letter J for everyone.

Juniper titmouse Image by: Flickr user Tony Randell . Photo uploaded to commons by user ltshears, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons