How Big Are Eagles?

Eagles are very large birds of prey, with the largest species capable of reaching a weight of 20 pounds and a wingspan of 8 feet 3 inches. Some species can also reach a height of 3 ft 3 in and a length of 3 ft 8 in. 

There are several species that are considered among the largest eagles. The Steller’s Sea Eagle is generally regarded as the largest eagle on account of being the heaviest, while the longest eagle is the Philippine eagle. The White-tailed eagle has the largest wingspan, and the harpy eagle has the longest talons. 

Steller’s Sea Eagle: The Largest Eagle

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the largest eagle is the Steller’s Sea Eagle. Found mainly in Russia as well as China, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan, this bird has a weight range of 11-20 lb and a wingspan of between 7 ft 2in – 8 ft 0.3 in. It is also one of the longest eagles, with a length of 2 ft 9 in to 3 ft 5 in. This eagle has white wings and a tail along with a dark brown plumage, while its talons and beak are yellow.

Harpy eagle: The Second Largest Eagle

The harpy eagle rivals the Steller’s Sea eagle in size, with a weight that can range between 13 to 20 lbs. Their length can vary between 2 ft 10 in to 3 ft 6 in while the bird’s wingspan can range from 5 ft 9 in to 7 ft 4 in.. Their talons are also the largest among eagles, reaching an intimidating 5 inches. Found in the rainforests of central and South America, harpy eagles have a gray head, black upper side and white belly.’

Philippine eagle: The Longest Eagle

The longest eagle, the Philippine Eagle is capable of reaching a length of up to 3ft 5in, although the average length varies between 2 ft 6 in to 3 ft 4 in. Also known as the monkey-eating eagle, it is endemic to the Philippines and has a distinctive shaggy crest and brown and white-colored plumage. While the wingspan of these birds is not as large as other eagle species, the Philippine eagle is one of the heaviest eagles, weighing up to 17.6 lb.

White-tailed eagle: Largest Wingspan

The white-tailed eagle is considered to have the largest wingspan of any eagle, with a typical length that can range between 5 ft 10 in and 8 ft. The largest confirmed wingspan of this bird is an astonishing 8 ft 6 in. It is also one of the largest eagles, and also the fourth heaviest eagle. A sea eagle, this species is widely distributed across Europe and Asia, being found all the way from Greenland to Japan.