How Many Species Of Eagles Are There?

There are around 60 known species of eagles found worldwide. These majestic birds of prey are classified into four major groups, each featuring distinct characteristics and distribution patterns.

Eagle Classification and Distribution

The 60 recognized species of eagles are grouped into several genera, with their primary distribution spanning across Eurasia and Africa. These powerful birds are a testament to the rich biodiversity present on these continents.

Eagles, part of the Accipitridae family, are divided into different genera like Haliaeetus, Aquila, Circaetus, and Harpia. Each genus has distinct characteristics and hunting strategies. As apex predators, eagles in these groups possess exceptional eyesight, allowing them to spot prey from great distances.

These majestic creatures are mainly found in Eurasia and Africa, where they have diversified due to the availability of prey, suitable climate, and nesting sites. Although eagles can be found on most continents, they are notably absent in Antarctica.

Four Major Groups of Eagles

The four major groups of eagles showcase a variety of characteristics and habitats, each adapted for their specific hunting strategies and environment:

  • Snake eagles: Known for their ability to hunt reptiles, especially snakes, these eagles possess strong legs, large claws, and excellent vision. They are predominantly found in the grasslands, forests, and savannas of Africa and Asia, where diverse reptile populations are abundant.
  • Fish eagles: Also known as sea eagles, these birds are uniquely adapted to catch fish using their powerful beaks and sharp talons. They can be found near large bodies of water, such as rivers, lakes, and coastal areas.
  • Booted eagles: Characterized by their feathered legs, booted eagles comprise various species of varying sizes. They are versatile hunters that can adapt to a range of environments, including forests, grasslands, and even semi-desert areas in Southern Europe, Central Asia, and Africa.
  • Harpy eagles: Among the most powerful eagles, harpy eagles have strong legs and sharp, curved talons to efficiently catch and dispatch prey. Their natural habitat spans from Central and South America’s tropical rainforests up to the dense jungles of Southeast Asia, preying predominantly on arboreal animals.


Eagles are truly captivating and diverse birds of prey. These powerful creatures exhibit their intelligence through their ability to hunt and consume a variety of animals. Their adaptability and specialization in different environments provide intriguing glimpses into the incredible ways birds have evolved to flourish in diverse habitats. Each type of eagle serves as a beautiful reminder of the astounding beauty and endless marvels present in our natural world.