Birds That Start With The Letter W (With Pictures)

Some of the most popular birds that start with the letter W are wood duck, warbling vireo, wallcreeper, and white-necked jacobin. Here is a list of some other birds that start with the letter W:

  • Wallcreeper – A passerine bird that has crimson red wings and is best seen when in flight.
  • Wandering albatross – A large seabird found in the Antarctic ocean.
  • Warbling vireo – A small songbird that forages in trees to find insects.
  • Wattled jacana – The large wader bird has a black head and neck, with red wattles on its face while its back is chestnut-colored, and its underparts are black.
  • Weebill – Australia’s smallest passerine bird.
  • Western barn owl – A medium-sized owl with a white facial disc with brown edges and the lower edge of its eyes.
  • Western bluebird – A stocky North American thrush that feeds on insects and berries.
  • Western gull – A large gull is found on North American coasts and offshores.
  • Western jackdaw – A type of black crow that has gray eyes and nape.
  • Western reef heron – A heron that ranges in gray-white plumage.
  • Western screech owl – A small owl that has yellow eyes, small ear tufts, and ranges in brown to gray plumage with heavy streaks.
  • Whiskered screech owl – A type of screech owl that feeds on small mammals and insects.
  • Whistling heron – A heron with a dark top on its head, blue rings around its eyes, and a bill that is pink with a black tip.
  • White-necked jacobin – A medium-sized hummingbird with a dark blue head, white neck, and green body in males.
  • Willie wagtail – A type of black and white passerine bird that is known to wag its tail when foraging for food.
  • Wing-barred seedeater – Male species of this bird have black and white plumage that has a white throat that gives it a cowled appearance.
  • Wood duck – A type of duck that has a crested head and males which are brightly colored.
  • Wood thrush – A thrush that has brown upperparts and white and mottled brown underparts.
  • Woodhouse’s scrub jay – A type of scrub jay that is found in North America.
  • Worm-eating warbler – A migratory warbler that has olive-brown upperparts and black and white stripes on its head.


The letter W offers a wide variety of birds for birdwatchers to observe. From the small weebill to large wandering albatrosses, there’s plenty of avian life to explore.