Are There Snakes In Maui?

There are no native land snakes on Maui or in the entire state of Hawaii. However, there have been some cases where snakes have been accidentally imported from other countries or kept as pet snakes. An example is the Brahminy Blind Snake, a small, non-venomous, worm-like snake. 

Why are there no snakes in Maui?

The reason for the absence of land snakes is due to its remote location in the Pacific Ocean, with no land connections to other continents, which prevented the natural migration of land snakes to the islands. Additionally, the State of Hawaii has strict laws to prevent the introduction of snake as they pose a significant threat to the delicate ecosystems and native wildlife of the islands. As a result, the snakes that are found in Hawaii are only those that have been accidentally or intentionally introduced by humans.

The Brahminy Blind Snake

The Brahminy Blind Snake is a small, non-venomous, worm-like snake that is believed to have been accidentally introduced to the Hawaiian Islands, including Maui, in imported plant materials. Despite being an introduced species, the Brahminy Blind Snake is not considered a threat to the environment or native wildlife, as it primarily feeds on ants and termites and is a relatively small and inconspicuous creature. The snake is commonly found in gardens, lawns, and forests and can often be seen after heavy rains when they come to the surface.