Are There Monkeys In Hawaii?

There are monkeys in Hawaii. However, none of them are native; this is due to the fact that monkeys were never naturally introduced to the islands. The unique geography and isolation of Hawaii prevented the natural migration of primates to the archipelago.

While there are no native monkey species in Hawaii, there are monkeys in captivity at the Honolulu Zoo. Monkeys and other primates are cared for with the highest level of care at the zoo. The zoo is regulated by local, state, and federal laws that establish standards for animal welfare and safety, and it works diligently to comply with these regulations.

What Species Of Monkeys Can Be Found In Honolulu Zoo?

There are six monkeys that can be found at the Honolulu Zoo: the black-handed spider monkey, golden lion tamarin, orangutan, chimpanzee, siamang, and Hamadryas baboon. They are all cared for by a team of dedicated animal care professionals who work to ensure their health and wellbeing.