Are There Snakes In England?

There are snakes in England. There are three species native to the country. These three species are the common or grass snake (Natrix natrix), the adder (Vipera berus), and the smooth snake (Coronella austriaca). Additionally, only the adder is venomous, while the other two species are not. 

The Common Snake

The common or grass snake (Natrix natrix) is one of the most frequently encountered snake species in England. This snake is typically green or brown in color, with a characteristic yellow or white collar behind the head and can grow up to 150cm in length. This non-venomous snake can be found in a wide range of habitats, including grasslands, woodlands, wetlands, and gardens, making it a common sight for many people in England.

The Adder

The adder (Vipera berus) is the only venomous snake species native to England. It is a relatively small snake, typically growing up to 60cm in length. It is easily recognized by its distinctive dark zigzag pattern along its back. It is found in a variety of habitats, including heathlands, moors, and rocky hillsides, and is most active in the spring and summer months. Despite its venomous bite, the adder is not considered a significant threat to humans

The Smooth Snake

The smooth snake (Coronella austriaca) is one of the rarest snake species in England. It is typically found in heathland habitats in the south of England, particularly in Dorset, Hampshire, and Surrey. The smooth snake is a non-venomous species, and is often mistaken for the adder due to its similar coloration and patterning. However, the smooth snake can be distinguished by its smooth, shiny scales and narrower head. It is a relatively small snake, growing up to around 70cm in length, and feeds mainly on lizards and small mammals.