Birds That Start With The Letter C (With Pictures)

Some of the most popular birds that start with the letter C are the carrion birds, common crow, cardinal, and crested eagle. With different features and habits, these birds are interesting to watch and learn about. Here is a list of birds that start with the letter C:

  • Caatinga antwren – A small Brazilian antbird that is found in forests.
  • Cabot’s tern – A type of seabird that has black cap-like feathers on its head.
  • Cackling goose – A goose that is similar in appearance to the Canada goose and is found in North America.
  • Cactus wren -The cactus wren is the largest species of wren in the US, and it is brown with black and white spots.
  • Cardinal – A species of passerine bird that has distinctive yellow, red, or blue plumages.
  • Carolina wren – A common wren species that is the state bird of South Carolina.
  • Carrion crow – A scavenger crow that is often seen feeding on the carrion of small invertebrates.
  • Common chiffchaff – A type of small songbird that has pale yellow stripes above its eyes.
  • Common loon – A diving bird that has red eyes and black and white stripes on its body.
  • Comoros blue pigeon – A type of pigeon that is found on the Comoros Islands.
  • Cory’s shearwater – A type of seabird that is found in the Atlantic.
  • Costa’s hummingbird – A hummingbird with an iridescent, purple crown and gorgeously-colored feathers.
  • Craveri’s murrelet – The small seabird has a long, thin bill that is excellent for catching fish.
  • Crested eagle – A large raptor that has a distinctive crest of feathers on its head.
  • Crissal thrasher – A species of thrasher that has a curved bill and is known for its sweet singing.
  • Crowned cormorant – A type of aquatic bird that is found in Africa and has a crest on its head.
  • Curl-crested aracari – A type of toucan that is found in South America and has a curled crest of feathers.
  • Curl-crested jay – The curl-crested jay has a black head, white chest, and underparts, and is easily distinguished by the crest of feathers above its beak that stands upright.
  • Curve-billed thrasher – A type of thrasher that is found in the southwestern US and Mexico and has a curved bill.
  • Cut-throat finch – A type of finch that is found in Africa and has a red V-shaped mark on its throat.


Many other birds start with the letter C, but these are some of the most popular and interesting ones. With their different plumages and bills, they are sure to interest any bird lover. So, the next time you see a bird starting with the letter C, be sure to take a closer look and appreciate its uniqueness.

Caatinga antwren Image by: Hector Bottai, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Crested eagle Image by: Alex Lee, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons