Are There Spiders In Antarctica?

No spiders have been found in Antarctica and, because of the continuously freezing temperatures, it is unlikely that there ever will be. The giant Antarctic sea spider, though not actually a spider, is a large arthropod that is found along the coastlines of Antarctica.

With Antarctica’s extremely cold weather, it is doubtful that any spiders will be found there. There’s also a rarity of insects, another food source for spiders. So while you may not find any eight-legged friends on your next trip to Antarctica, you might come across a giant sea spider!

The Giant Antarctic Sea Spider

The only animal close to a spider that has been found in Antarctica is the Giant Antarctic Sea Spider. Although it’s not technically a spider, this creature is an arthropod related to spiders, crabs, and lobsters. It is usually found near the coastlines of Antarctica preying on small sea creatures.

Also known as the largest sea spider, it has a very tiny body but can span up to 70 cm with its legs according to the Guinness World Record.  It’s very thin, almost transparent looking, and has long spindly legs. The Giant Antarctic Sea Spider is an interesting creature that’s definitely worth learning more about on your next trip to Antarctica!

Are There Insects In Antarctica?

There’s a rarity of insects in Antarctica, and the most common would be the Antarctic midges. The Antarctic midge is a species of flightless midge that live only in Antarctica. These creatures are unique to the continent and are not found anywhere else in the world.

The majority of its two-year life is spent in the 4 phases of the larva. Females give birth, mate, and then release eggs a few days later. When the eggs are laid, the female secretes a jelly which serves as a blanket of coolant to prevent them from drying out and serves as a source of food once they hatch.

Final Thoughts

Although you’re unlikely to find any spiders in Antarctica, you may come across the Giant Antarctic Sea Spider.  This creature is not actually a spider, but it is the largest of all known sea spiders. If you’re looking for a true spider, your best bet would be to head to the southernmost continent’s rainforests!