Where Do Ducks Sleep?

There are all sorts of interesting questions that people ask about ducks. Where do they sleep? Do they like to swim? What kind of food do they eat? But one of the most common questions is probably: where do ducks sleep?

Ducks usually sleep on water, but they don’t have a specific preference for where they bed down for the night. For example, mallards can sleep both on land and water, while Muscovy ducks generally prefer to roost on the ground.

How Do Ducks Sleep?

The times when ducks sleep is impacted by their environment, like how the season is changing. For example, when it’s cold outside they’re more likely to be awake and moving around at night. When the weather is warmer, they spend more time eating during the day and then sleeping at night. 

They love to stay in groups, so you’ll often see ducks sleeping together in a row and it’s thought to help keep them warm and protect them from predators.

Do Ducks Close Their Eyes To Sleep?

Did you know that most ducks sleep with only one eye closed? Those at the end of the row will have one eye facing away from the group open and the other one closed to sleep. Middle ducks in the group will have both eyes closed for a good sleep.

The lookout duck benefits from the tradeoff too, as they get to take breaks while on duty. There’s an old saying that if you think you’re in danger, it might be a good idea to sleep with one eye open!

What Do Ducks Do Upon Waking Up?

They usually sleep for a few hours in the night and wake up around midnight or early morning to look for food. These sporadic nappers also frequently take naps throughout the day. Numerous environmental circumstances often have an impact on their sleeping patterns.

Final Thoughts

Ducks are interesting creatures and there is still a lot that scientists don’t know about them. But we do know that they like to sleep in groups, often with one eye open, and that their sleeping patterns are impacted by the weather and their environment. We hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about ducks and their sleeping habits!