What Do Squid Eat?

Squids are cephalopods that prey on other marine creatures like crustaceans, fish, quills, and more. They use their tentacles to capture and subdue their prey before eating it. While the size and type of food a squid eats will vary on specific species, all squids are carnivorous.

Squid also exist in a variety of sizes, including pygmy squid that are no larger than a pinky. One squid species even cuts off its own arms to avoid predators.

What Is a Squid?

A squid (Teuthida) is a member of the phylum ‘mollusca’ that belongs to the cephalopod class, which also includes octopuses and cuttlefish.

Squids are found in every ocean on earth. They have a soft, protective outer shell called a mantle, which houses their internal organs. These creatures have 8 lengthy, thin tentacles with suction cups used to capture prey, in addition to 2 arms which also assist in the hunting process. They also have large central eyes and beak-like mouths.

How Many Hearts Do a Squid Have?

Squids have three hearts. Two of the hearts pump blood to the squid’s gills, and the other heart pumps blood to the rest of its body.

What Is the Smallest Type of Squid?

Fully-grown Thai bobtail squid females have a mantle length of 10 millimeters while males only grow to 7 millimeters and are considered to be the smallest squids.

What Is the Largest Type of Squid?

The giant squid (Architeuthis dux) is the largest type of squid. They can grow up to 43 feet long and weigh over 440 pounds.

How Do Squids Reproduce?

Males package their sperm into spermatophores and pass them to the females. Males guard the female until she lays her eggs to ensure that she does not mate with another male.

However, squids have been observed to change their appearance to look like females to get close to other females or hide from males. She deposits about 3,000 fertilized eggs into the water in a huge gelatinous mass. When it hatches, the young squid is called a paralarva.

How Long Do Squids Live?

The lifespan of a squid varies depending on the species. Some squids like the short-finned squid only live for a few months, while others such as the giant squid can live for up to five years.

What Animals Prey on Squid?

Some of the animals that eat squid include sperm whales, octopuses, sharks, and seabirds.

What Makes Squids So Special?

The squid’s best-known feature is their ink, which they release into the water to escape predators or as a defense mechanism. Like octopuses, they can match their skin tone to their surroundings for camouflage. 

Squids are also known to fly above water for short distances using a process called jet propulsion. As smart invertebrates, they are known to learn and remember tasks as they are seen carrying rocks to crack open clam shells and use signals to communicate.


Squids are fascinating creatures that have many unique adaptations. Not only are they a critical facet of the underwater world, but they are also beneficial to the food chain. With their color-changing abilities, ink, and jet propulsion, squids are truly amazing animals.