Animals That Start With L (With Pictures)

Some of the most popular animals that start with the letter L are lions, lemurs, and lynxes. While these three can be found mostly in the wild, there are many other animals that start with the letter L that may be for domestic or agricultural use.

Here are other animals that start with the letter L

  • Labrador Retriever – A gentle dog breed that is often used as therapy dogs and also makes great pets.
  • Ladybug – A small, colorful insect that is often seen in gardens and farms.
  • Leaf-Tailed Gecko – Arboreal geckos that live in the trees of Madagascar.
  • Leech – A parasite that lives in water and feeds on blood.
  • Lemming –  A small rodent that lives in the Arctic.
  • Lemon Shark – A shark species that is often found in subtropical waters, including those around coral reefs.
  • Lemur – A small arboreal primate that can be found in Madagascar.
  • Leopard – A cat that is known for its beautiful spotted coat.
  • Lhasa Apso –  A small-sized dog breed that has two coats of heavy and thick fur.
  • Liger – a crossbreed between a male lion and a female tiger.
  • Linnet –  A slim bird with a grey beak and brown feathers.
  • Lion – A fierce large cat with great manes that live in the savannas of Africa and India.
  • Lionfish –  A large, venomous fish with visible pectoral fins and spines.
  • Lizard – A classification of animals that have scaly skin.
  • Llama – A small, camel-like animal that is often used as a pack animal.
  • Lobster – A crustacean that has a long body, large claws, and a hard shell.
  • Locusts – A grasshopper-like insect that is often identified by the large swarms that they form.
  • Lungfish – A fish that is capable of breathing atmospheric air, which allows the fish to live in waters that have low oxygen levels.
  • Lynx – A wildcat that is often found in forests and rocky landscapes.
  • Lyrebird – A songbird capable of mimicking the sounds of nature and other animals.


The animals that start with the letter L are diverse and interesting. We’ve highlighted a few of our favorite animals, but there are many more out there to discover. Whether you’re interested in exploring the savannas of Africa, lazing on a beach in the Caribbean, or scurrying through the forests of the Arctic, there’s an animal out there for you.