Animals That Start With A (With Pictures)

Some of the most popular animals that start with the letter A are albatrosses, alpacas, alligators, and anacondas. This list contains some of the animals that start with the letter A that you might find in your own backyard, in the zoo, or roaming wild around the world.

  • Aardvark –  A nocturnal mammal from Africa that is known for its long, sticky tongue and burrowing lifestyle.
  • Akita –  A Japanese spitz breed of dog that is extremely loyal and protective.
  • Alaskan Husky – A type of sled dog that is bred for speed and endurance, primarily by Inuit people.
  • Albatross – A large seabird that is found in the Southern and North Pacific oceans and has an impressive wingspan of up to 12 feet.
  • Alligator – A large, aquatic reptile that is native to America, Mexico, and China and is known for its powerful jaws and sharp teeth.
  • Alligator gar – A large, predatory fish that is native to Southern America and has a long, snout-like mouth filled with sharp teeth.
  • Alpaca –  A domesticated South American camelid that is known for its long, soft coat and docile lifestyle.
  • Amazon Tree Boa – An arboreal boa that is native to the Amazon and may have fascinating patterns of spots or blotches along its body.
  • Anaconda – A large, non-venomous snake that is native to South America and known for its ability to suffocate and swallow its prey whole.
  • Anchovies –  A small, oily saltwater fish that is sometimes used as bait or made into food.
  • Angelshark – A genus of sharks that have multiple species and are known for their flat, blunt snouts and large pectoral fins.
  • Anglerfish – A bottom-dwelling fish that is known for its distinctive appearance and bioluminescent “fishing rod” appendage.
  • Ant – A small insect that is known for its ability to work together in large colonies, as well as its painful sting.
  • Anteater – A large, insectivorous animal that is found in Central and South America.
  • Antelope – A hoofed mammal that is native to Africa and known for its graceful movements and ability to run at high speeds.
  • Ape – A group of tailless monkeys that are found in Africa, Asia, and the Americas. 
  • Arctic Wolf – A type of wolf that is native to the Arctic region and distinguished by its thick, white fur and long muzzle.
  • Armadillo –  A small, insect-eating animal that is native to Central and South America. Armadillos are known for their hard shells, sharp claws, and keen sense of smell.
  • Avocet – A group of birds that have curved bills and long, thin necks.
  • Axolotl – These critically endangered salamanders are native to Mexico and can regenerate their limbs, spinal cord, heart, and other internal organs.


The animals that are listed in this article are just a small sampling of the creatures that start with the letter A. Each one has its own unique characteristics and can be found in a variety of habitats around the world.