Chitchat Gecko

“Chitchat gecko” is the informal term for geckos who are known to chirp, click, or chatter. They are mainly common house geckos (Hemidactylus frenatus), who are often seen climbing walls inside houses and buildings. 

Common house geckos are native to Southeast Asia that started from Pakistan eastward to Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines, and New Guinea.

Why Do Geckos “Chit Chat’’?

They do this to mark their territory, communicate with other geckos, warn of danger, or if they’re in pain. Some geckos make noise when they are looking for mates or when female geckos reject males.

How Do They Make the “Chit Chat” Sound?

Through their vocal cords, the geckos can make a chirping sound. The sound varies depending on the species, but it can be a sharp click, chirp, or chatter.

Why Are House Geckos Found Outside Asia?

Common house geckos are abundantly spotted in the tropics and subtropics which considers them evasive. Chitchat geckos are not naturally found in some areas because they were transported there unintentionally by humans, primarily through overseas shipping or as food for animals in zoos.

They were also introduced to new environments, such as Australia, the Dominican Republic, and some parts of America.

What Do Common House Geckos Look Like?

Common house geckos can range in color from light brown to dark gray (sometimes transparent), with greenish irises and white undersides. Their sizes range from 7mm to 150mm in length, male geckos are longer than females.

Their vertical pupils are sensitive to light, allowing them to see well in the dark. They have long tails and four legs with adhesive toes that allow them to climb on any surface, even ceilings!

What Is the Common House Gecko’s Habitat?

The ideal habitat for a common house gecko is humid with plenty of hiding places. These lizards are often found in tropical and subtropical areas near human settlements, such as forests, trees, leaf litter, and caves. They also tend to live inside the house or buildings and are often seen crawling on walls or ceilings.

What Do the Common House Geckos Eat?

The house gecko is a nocturnal creature that feeds on small insects, spiders, and mosquitos. Common house geckos are also known to eat nectar or sugary foods. They frequent areas where bugs will likely be present, which makes them often found near windows, and doors of lighted rooms.

How Do Geckos Mate?

Geckos mate sexually by having males and females come together. Females lay 2 eggs usually in crevices and hidden areas to protect them from predators. 

The typical incubation period is approximately 46-62 days. Hatchlings are independent at birth and after a year, they will become reproductively mature.

Are Common House Geckos a Threat to Humans?

Common house geckos are not a threat to humans. They are actually helpful because they help get rid of pests like cockroaches, mosquitoes, and flies. They will likely startle you if they suddenly appear, but they are not aggressive and will not bite unless provoked.


Chitchat geckos, also known as common house geckos, are lizards that are known for their ability to chirp, click, or chatter. These lizards are helpful to humans because they help get rid of pests. However, they can startle you if they suddenly appear. If you see a chitchat gecko in your home, there is no need to be alarmed as they are just harmless lizards that are looking for a meal.