Will Snakes Cross A Rope?

There is a myth that snakes cannot cross a rope. This is not true. Snakes can, and do, cross ropes all the time. However, if a snake is presented with a rope, it may choose to cross it or not. The final decision to cross the rope lies with the snake.

Snakes CAN cross ropes, but that doesn’t mean they WILL. Snakes have no issue with ropes and can easily slither across them. However, they may choose not to if they don’t feel the need to. Some snakes may choose to avoid crossing a rope, while others may have no problem with it.

Is the myth true?

This myth does not hold true. One myth claims that the texture of the rope would irritate the snake’s skin. Another said that only horse ropes would deter snakes because they would sense a horse’s scent. However, there is no evidence to support either of these claims.

Where did this myth originate?

The true origin of this myth is unknown. The fear of snakes is likely the cause of this myth, and it serves as a way to ease those fears. If people believe that snakes cannot cross a rope, then they may feel safer around them.

What does repel snakes?

Using snake repellants like vinegar, ammonia, or even cinnamon oil can be effective in deterring snakes. If you soak the rope with one of these substances, snakes are less likely to cross it. However, these repellents may not work in all cases, and you should always exercise caution when dealing with snakes.


The myth that snakes cannot cross a rope is simply untrue. Snakes regularly slither across ropes and don’t seem to be hindered by them in any way. However, it is also important to remember that snakes will not always cross ropes, and there may be other factors at play. If you want to keep snakes away from your property, using repellants like vinegar or cinnamon oil can help. However, you should always exercise caution when dealing with snakes.