What Animal Has The Most Teeth?

Have you ever wondered which animal has the most teeth? It might surprise you to learn that it’s not a predator with large, sharp fangs. In fact, the animal with the most teeth is a snail!

That’s right, a snail. These slimy creatures may be small, but their teeth count is anything but it. A snail can have 1,000 to 20,000 teeth, however, a much more fascinating fact emerges: The teeth of the limpet, an aquatic snail, are the world’s strongest known biological material!!

How Do Thousands of Teeth Fit Into a Snail’s Mouth?

While it’s true that snails have an impressive number of teeth, they’re actually microscopic and they are not the regular set of teeth you see on other animals because they are actually on its “tongue”. 

This “tongue” is also known as the radula, and it’s covered with these tiny teeth. When a snail wants to eat, it drags its radula across the food which then shreds the food.

What Do Snails Eat?

Green areas are their homes, and they feast on stems, leaves, bark, berries, mushrooms, lettuce–basically anything that’s fresh. Terrestrial snails are not fussy about what they consume, and it’s typically the young snails who do the bulk of the feeding. Did you know that aquatic snails feed on plant life as well?


So, there you have it! The animal with the most teeth is actually a snail. Who would’ve thought that such a small and unassuming creature could have such an impressive dental record? Though their teeth may be tiny, they are mightier than we give them credit for.