What Type Of Animal Are The Animaniacs?

The main characters of the show Animaniacs are species called “Cartoonus Characterus” or simply, cartoon characters. Their characters do not represent any kind of animal and are just mere fictional creatures. However, according to the creator, they were supposed to be ducks.

Some fans speculate that the characters in the show are a mixture of cats and dogs. However, John Owen, the animation director, said in an interview that they aren’t any particular animal. All he knows is that they are some kind of dog or weird, deformed kids. Even the animators operating on this show can’t confirm what specific animal these creatures might be.

Their ambiguity about who they are served a purpose: humor. The creators used this ambiguity to create humorous situations and character interactions that would have been difficult with specific animals.

What is the Animaniacs?

The Animaniacs is a show that first aired in 1993 and ran until 1998. The show featured a variety of characters that would often get themselves into all sorts of wacky adventures and misadventures. These three characters are siblings: Yakko Warner, Wakko Warner, and Dot Warner.

The Warners are some of the most lovable fictional characters around. Yakko is the oldest of the group and is usually in charge when it comes to planning. He is quick-witted, clever, and a bit sarcastic at times. Wakko is the middle brother and is known for his appetite—he can eat just about anything! Dot is the youngest of the trio and has a bubbly personality that lights up every room she enters.

While these three make up the main cast, there are many other characters on the show that make it so entertaining. There’s Rita and Runt, a cat and dog duo who have lots of wacky adventures together. Dr. Scratchansniff is Yakko, Wakko, and Dot’s therapist, and Slappy Squirrel is an older character on the show who has plenty of wisdom to impart.


The Warner siblings are just mere cartoon characters, but they are some of the most lovable and memorable around. And even if the information about what specific animal they are is still unclear, it doesn’t take away from their charm and humor. Whether you’re a longtime fan of the show or have just discovered the Animaniacs for the first time, there’s something for everyone to enjoy about this great animated series.

Animaniacs Featured Image by: The Animaniacs DVD, volume 1, disc 1., Fair use, Link