What Is A Group Of Ducks Called?

The noun used to refer to a group of ducks depends on where the birds are. For example, a group of flying ducks can be called a flock or skein. In the water, the birds may be called a raft or paddle of ducks. On land, they can be referred to as a waddling or a flock.

Ducks are a gregarious species and are almost always seen together, which explains why so many collective nouns have developed to describe groups of them. Indeed, many of these nouns date back to the middle ages. There are even names to describe groups of ducks based on their number as well collective nouns for ducklings.  Let’s take a closer look at what you can call a group of ducks in different situations.

What is a group of swimming ducks called?

As a waterfowl, ducks are semi-aquatic birds that can usually be found in ponds, lakes and rivers. Swimming groups of ducks may be referred to as a raft of ducks. This is because these ducks often swim together, giving the impression of a raft in water. Ducks can also give the impression of a pontoon in the water, which is why pontoon is another term that is used to describe them when they are swimming together. Other collective nouns used in such situations include paddle, puddle and paddling. 

What is a group of flying ducks called?

When they are not in the water, ducks can usually be seen in the skies. A group of flying ducks can be referred to as a skein. The term refers to a length of yarn or thread, which the flying ducks are thought to resemble as they adopt a v formation in flight, especially when migrating. This v formation reduces wind resistance, enabling the group to travel many miles while using less energy.  A group of flying ducks may alternatively be called a flock, flight or team. A skein can also refer to a flock of flying swans or wild geese. 

What is a group of walking ducks called?

Ducks are not the most agile on land. Nevertheless, it is not unusual to find raucous groups of ducks walking around, either to forage for food or travel to a nearby waterbody. On the ground, a group of ducks can be called a flock, a waddling or a badling. 

What is a group of ducklings called?

A group of baby ducks is typically called a brood, as the parents brood their young in the nest. Many ducklings may also be called a badling, flock or waddling.

What is a pair of ducks called?

A pair of ducks can be referred to as a brace or a support. Ducks pair up only during breeding season and otherwise move around in groups.