What Is a Group of Penguins Called? – Penguins Collective Nouns.

The main collective noun for Penguins is a colony. Other collective nouns for a group of Penguins include a huddle, a raft, a waddle, a rookery, a tuxedo, a parade, a parcel, a formality, a muster, a pride, a shiver, and a march. A crèche is the collective noun for baby Penguins, a raft for a group of Penguins swimming, a waddle for Penguins walking, and a march for Penguins walking in a line.

The etymology of the collective noun a colony in relation to Penguins is derived from the Latin word colonia, which means a group of people living together. This term was used to describe a group of Penguins living together in a large group.