Libellula Quadrimaculata

The Libellula Quadrimaculata or four-spotted chaser, also known as the four-spotted skimmer, is a dragonfly species commonly found in Asia, Europe, and North America. This species is also recognized as the state insect for Alaska.

This dragonfly, which is generally a brown color, is quite active during the later months of spring and throughout summer. Both males and females look similar to one another. Male members of the species are considered to be highly aggressive, and they will attack other males who attempt to enter their territory.


You can find these creatures near the shores of ponds and lakes that have plenty of aquatic plants and some open water areas. The most common months for them to be active are June and July.

Both male and female four-spotted chasers are frequent flyers, and they mate while in the air instead of on perches or in bushes. The female dragonfly lays her eggs on top of floating vegetation.

Physical Appearance

The larvae for Skimmers and Chasers have a body shape that is similar to a spider, with a square back near the head and small eyes.

As they grow, the wings of this species are yellow with dark spots near the middle of the leading wing vein. Its dark brown abdomen gradually becomes darker towards the back, with a line of yellow spots on either side. Furthermore, they have a Praenubila color form with dark wing tips, which is quite rare.


While adults mostly consume mosquitoes, midgets, and gnats; larvae, on the other hand, dine on other aquatic insect larvae or tadpoles.

Final Thoughts

The four-spotted chaser is one of the most widespread dragonfly species in the Northern Hemisphere. So, if you’re ever lucky enough to spot one, take a moment to appreciate this amazing creature! We hope you enjoyed reading about the Libellula Quadrimaculata!