Charaxes Antamboulou

From the family Nymphalidae, Charaxes Antamboulou, also known as the Madagascar Green-Veined Charaxes, is a butterfly from Madagascar. These butterflies are commonly found in forests and woodlands throughout the Afrotropics.

They are usually compared to the Green-Veined Emperor butterfly due to their striking resemblance. The upper side of the Charaxes Antamboulou’s wings has smaller stains near the edge and a more noticeable difference in color between the black patches near the tip and the yellow at the base.


The Croton genus contains the plants that caterpillars feed on. The pollination these butterflies provide is essential for indigenous plants.


The “green vein” in the name of these butterflies refers to the green line on the tip of each wing that subtly crawls down the center. Fully grown, these butterflies are a beautiful color brown with white spots and black curves that give them a regal appearance. The colors on the Charaxes Antamboulou’s wings provide great camouflage against predators in their natural habitat.

Final Thoughts

The Charaxes Antamboulou is a beautiful creature that is essential for the pollination of many plants. These butterflies are a great example of how important it is to protect our environment. We hope you learned something new about this amazing animal today.

Charaxes Antamboulou Featured Image by: Notafly, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons