How Fast Can Dolphins Swim?

One of the fastest sea mammals, dolphins can swim up to 8.2 meters per second, or 18 miles per hour. Although they don’t usually swim this fast all the time, dolphins swim an average of 3.82 miles per hour. They can also swim a whopping 25 miles per hour prior to leaping out of the water.

Dolphins are capable of reaching remarkable speeds due to their flexible tails. Their tails are used like the wings of a bird, by using the tails to push and pull water in order to propel them forward.

Why Do Dolphins Jump When They Swim?

Dolphins mostly jump in and out of the water to breathe or catch food. A study has shown behavioral changes in dolphins’ jumps when hunting for food, traveling, and being socio-sexual. They have specific motives when they jump, as jumping can help them show off to potential mates, herd and chase fish, or navigate the water.

Do Dolphins Swim In Packs?

Dolphins usually swim together with other dolphins, forming a pod. Since dolphins are social creatures, they communicate with each other and move in unison when swimming. This is a form of social bonding that helps them protect themselves and ward off potential predators. It also helps them cooperate when hunting for food. However, there are also cases where a dolphin swims alone.