How Big Is A Whale’s Brain?

The brain of a sperm whale weighs up to 9 kilograms, making it the largest brain mass for any known mammal, with 9000 cubic centimeters. Second is the killer whale, which is known to have a brain that weighs 6 kilograms.

Sperm whales are a type of toothed whale and have rounded heads. Scientists have yet to fully understand the complexities of the whale’s brain due to its size, making it difficult to monitor. As a cetacean species, whales are often compared to dolphins and porpoises on their intelligence.

Are Sperm Whales Smart?

Sperm whales have large, complex brains, and their behavior suggests they are intelligent creatures. Studies have found that sperm whales have a unique and intricate communication system, which includes their use in echolocation.

Often being seen in pods or groups, they also use complex communication and coordination skills, as well as a strong bond between groups. Their behavior has been observed to be highly social, with individuals often coming together for mating opportunities or foraging for food.

Does Having A Big Brain Make An Animal Smart?

Large brain size does not always indicate a high intelligence level. A mammal’s true intellectual acuity is determined by the functionality of different areas in the brain and how well they work together.

In a study, killer whales’ cerebrum is over 14% in brain mass while sperm whales have only 7%. Through this information, scientists have noted that there is more to intelligence than brain size. Some species can adapt better, while others are more intelligent in problem-solving and complex tasks.


Whales have big brains and big bodies that help them survive. As fascinating creatures, they have proven to be intelligent animals through their behavior, communication, and survival. While having a big brain does not always indicate a higher IQ level, Whales are still considered to be very smart and fascinating creatures in the marine world.