Do Gorillas Eat Meat?

Gorillas don’t eat meat because they are herbivores, which means that they primarily eat plants, fruits, and vegetables. However, gorillas have been known to occasionally eat small amounts of insects such as ants, larvae, or termites.

Adult gorillas have a huge appetite and can consume 40 pounds (18kg) of plants every day. They don’t drink water that often because the plants they eat contain a lot of moisture. They are known to be picky eaters and will sometimes eat a plant’s leaves, roots, or stalk only, discarding the rest of the plant.

What is the term for the leader of gorilla troops?

The primary male gorilla in a group is called a silverback. Gorilla troops typically have 5 to 30 members, with the silverback leading the pack.

Their role is to protect their troops from outsiders and provide leadership during conflicts. When a silverback dies,  the females and younger males in the group will usually disperse and join other troops.

Are gorillas related to humans?

Gorillas are related to humans, in the Hominidae subfamily along with chimpanzees. On average, human DNA is 98.3% similar to gorillas.

After analyzing various fossils, researchers have found that humans, chimps, and gorillas likely descended from a common ancestor about 10 million years ago and have evolved to become the three separate species we know today.

What is the lifespan of a gorilla?

In the wild, gorillas can live 35 years and can reach the age of 40. In captivity, gorillas often live longer with an average lifespan of 50 years.

How do gorillas mate?

The silverbacks or the leader gorillas mate with the females in the troop. Usually, gorillas give birth in four-year intervals and give birth to a single young.

How do gorillas communicate?

Gorillas communicate through body language, vocalizations, and facial expressions. For example, they might thump their chests to show strength, tear food, or slap the ground to intimidate others. 

Gorillas also grunt and roar to express themselves. Not only does chest-thumping communicate excitement or fear, but gorillas also use it to assert dominance over other members of their species.

Are gorillas smart?

Gorillas are smart animals. They show signs of self-awareness, and tool use, and have been known to mimic human speech. Studies have shown that gorillas can be taught human sign language and show signs of emotion like laughing and grieving.

Where do gorillas sleep?

Gorillas build nests to sleep every day before nighttime. They usually make their nests in trees, but gorillas on the ground will build them out of grass and leaves.

Female gorillas sleep with their young until they reach three years old. Each gorilla has its own sleeping spot, but they often change them up. Gorillas are heavy sleepers and tend to sleep 12 hours a day.

What is the gorilla’s conservation status?

The western and eastern gorilla’s conservation status is critically endangered and mountain gorillas are endangered. Which means that they are in danger of becoming extinct. 

Due to habitat destruction, diseases, and poaching, the gorilla population has been declining. Fortunately, many organizations are working hard to conserve gorillas and their homes.


Gorillas are interesting animals that are related to humans. They are herbivores and don’t eat meat, but they will occasionally eat insects. Gorillas are intelligent creatures that are capable of doing things like using tools and mimicking human speech. If you’re lucky enough to see one in the wild, you’ll be amazed by how similar they are to us.