10 Animals That Only Eat Plants (Herbivores)

Herbivores exclusively consume plants, ranging from tiny caterpillars to massive elephants. Notable examples include cows, gorillas, and pandas, each with their unique diets and roles in nature.

Though you may not think of them as such, there are many animals that only eat plants. These creatures, called herbivores, have adapted specifically to eating a plant-based diet. If you’re curious about which animals are herbivores, read on to learn about 10 of the most interesting plant-eating creatures out there.

1. Caterpillar

Leaves are a caterpillar’s best friend. These little creatures feast on leaves all day long, and as a result, they play an important role in the life cycle of plants. They also feed on flower or fruit occasionally, but their primary source of food is leaves.

2. Cow

Cows are one of the most well-known herbivores out there. They graze on grass all day long, and you can often find them munching on hay or other plant-based foods. While they are a huge source of meat, milk, and other dairy products for humans, their diet is entirely plant-based.

3. Giraffe

Giraffes, like cows, are herbivores that primarily graze. They favor leaves, fruits, and flowers, especially from acacia trees. As the world’s tallest mammals, their height provides an advantage, allowing them to access food sources unreachable to other animals.

4. Buffalo

They might be feared by many, but buffaloes don’t actually eat meat. These large animals are herbivores, and their diet consists mostly of grasses and herbs. When grass and herbs are scarce, African and Asian buffalo will resort to eating shrubs and small trees.

5. Horse

Another animal that, despite its size, only eats plants is the horse. These beautiful creatures are herbivores, and their diet consists mostly of any type of grass, hay, or shrubs. Horses will also eat fruits and vegetables on occasion.

6. Gorilla

Gorillas primarily feed on a variety of vegetation, including leaves, stems, and flowers. As herbivores, their diet is plant-centric. Mature male gorillas, known as silverbacks, can consume up to 100lbs of vegetation daily. This intake supports their substantial size and energy needs.

7. Rabbit

Rabbits are strict herbivores, feeding primarily on grass, hay, and vegetables. Their compact size and fur make them well-suited to burrow and seek out fresh greens. Uniquely, their continuously growing teeth are perfectly adapted to grind and break down plant fibers, ensuring efficient digestion.

8. Panda

Pandas, particularly known for their fondness for bamboo, are specialized herbivores. While bamboo shoots and leaves make up the bulk of their diet, they occasionally consume other plants.

Despite their calm demeanor, they have hearty appetites. Remarkably, a giant panda can consume food equivalent to up to 40% of its body weight daily.

9. Zebra

Zebras, easily identified by their striking stripes, are dedicated herbivores. They graze extensively throughout the day, employing their strong front teeth to efficiently snip grass. Beyond grass, their diet encompasses a diverse range of plant matter, from seeds and herbs to fruits and vegetables.

10. Camel

Camels, recognized by their distinctive humps, primarily thrive on grasses and various plants. As herbivores, they have evolved to withstand extreme desert conditions.

Their unique physiology allows them to survive without food or water for extended periods, making them invaluable as pack animals in arid landscapes.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are a variety of animals that only eat plants. While some are large and intimidating, others are small and cuddly. But regardless of their size or appearance, all of these animals have one thing in common: they’re herbivores!