Birds That Start With The Letter H (With Pictures)

Some of the most popular birds that start with the letter H are horned coots, hill swallows, and hazel geese. The list goes a bit further, with hummingbirds, hoopoes, and hermit thrushes also in the mix. Look into this list of birds that start with the letter H to know about these fascinating species:

  • Hadada ibis – A medium-sized wading bird that lives in Africa and has distinctive iridescent wings with either green or purple sheen.
  • Hammond’s flycatcher – A small passerine bird that breeds in western North America and winters in Mexico and Central America.
  • Hazel grouse – A hazel grouse has finely patterned plumage and a white line on its throat.
  • Heart-spotted woodpecker – The heart-spotted woodpecker has a crest that looks like a mohawk and black, heart-shaped spots on its white shoulders.
  • Hen harrier – A predatory bird that breeds in Eurasia and often preys on fowls.
  • Hermit thrush – A North American thrush that has a brown head and back but a reddish tail.
  • Hermit warbler – A small American perching bird that feeds on insects and spiders.
  • Hill swallow – A type of passerine bird that is found in Sri Lanka and India.
  • Himalayan vulture – A large vulture species that is found in the Himalayas.
  • Hispaniolan amazon – A type of parrot that is endemic to Hispaniola and is vulnerable because of the illegal pet trade.
  • Hoary puffleg – A type of hummingbird that has a straight black beak, bronze-green upper body, and white leg puffs.
  • Hooded crane – One of the smallest migratory cranes and is a native of East Asia.
  • Hoopoe – A colorful crested bird that is easily recognizable because of its crown of feathers.
  • Horned coot – A black-colored bird that has an appendage on the base of its bill, creating a ‘horned’ look.
  • Horned guan – A native Central American bird that is turkey-like in appearance, has white irises, and a red horn on its head.
  • Horned lark – A small bird that breeds in temperate regions of the northern hemisphere and is easily identified by its black ‘horns’ on its head in males and their melodious voice.
  • House finch – An adult House finch has a reddish head, shoulders, and chest with a brown tipped-down tail.
  • Hummingbird – A small bird that is easily recognized by its characteristic rapid wing beats, producing a humming sound.
  • Humboldt penguin – The Humboldt penguin is a medium-sized penguin that lives in South America and is known to nest on rocky coasts or caves.
  • Hyacinth macaw – Hyacinth macaws are the largest flying parrot in the world, with a length of one meter and weighing up to 1.6 kilograms.


Hailing the nation of feathered friends, the birds that start with the letter H are a wide array of species. From colorful passerine birds to large and powerful vultures, there is a lot to learn about these amazing creatures. These birds that start with the letter H are a great place to begin your journey of learning about these amazing creatures.

Hoary puffleg Image by: Keith Bowers, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons