Are Giraffes Related To Dinosaurs?

Although giraffes look like dinosaurs, they are not related to them. It’s true that giraffes have long necks, just like a Brachiosaurus, but that’s as far as the similarities go. A giraffe is a mammal, and it is more closely related to an antelope or a camel.

Despite the fact that they may look like dinosaurs, there is no evidence that giraffes are actually related to them. While their long necks may make them seem like part of the dinosaur family, this is actually just a case of convergent evolution. Over time, giraffes have evolved longer necks to help them survive in their natural habitat.

Are brachiosaurus and giraffes related?

A brachiosaurus is a long-necked reptile, while a giraffe is a long-necked mammal. While they both have elongated necks, they are not related at all. Giraffes are mammals, meaning that they have fur on their skins, milk on their breasts, and breathe air, while the Brachiosaurus is a reptile, meaning that they have scales, lay eggs, and breathe air.

So although giraffes and brachiosaurus may look similar, the former went extinct. Brachiosaurus never survived the mass extinction event that wiped out the dinosaurs; not even their offspring survived, which meant that all traces of any brachiosaurus were deemed extinct.

Why are giraffes long-necked?

The reason why giraffes’ necks are so long is due to evolution. However, the reason for the evolution is not as clear. One study says the development of their necks was to avoid competition over food by feeding on leaves high in trees, which other animals couldn’t reach. Another says that it is for watching over predators and avoiding them as they see one approaching. And another study cited that it is compensation for their long legs so that they can reach water.


While some people may think that giraffes and brachiosaurus are related, the science simply doesn’t back that up. Giraffes are mammals, not reptiles like the extinct Brachiosaurus; they have fur on their skin, drink milk from their mothers, and breathe air just as we do. And while they do share a long neck with the dinosaurs, this is simply due to convergent evolution and not any kind of genetic relationship. So while giraffes and brachiosaurus may look similar, they are actually very different animals.