Adjectives for Whales: Words to Describe Whales

Some of the most popular adjectives to describe whales are heavy, loud, complex, and huge. Many words can describe whales and here are some popular adjectives:

  • Aquatic – Whales are aquatic mammals and spend their entire lives in the water.
  • Beautiful – Whales are some of the most beautiful creatures in the world, both due to their impressive size and elegant bodies.
  • Carnivorous – Whales are carnivorous animals and eat mostly fish, squid, and krill.
  • Complex – The whale is a very complex creature with unique anatomy and intricate behavior.
  • Curious – Whales are often curious about humans and will approach divers and swim alongside them.
  • Diverse – There are many different species of whales, each with its own unique features.
  • Empathic – Whales are highly empathic creatures, with the ability to feel and understand the emotions of others.
  • Friendly – Whales can be very friendly creatures and do not harm humans.
  • Graceful – Whales are very graceful creatures, despite their large size.
  • Heavy – Whales are very heavy animals, with some weighing over 200 tons.
  • Huge – Whales are one of the largest creatures in the world.
  • Intimidating – Whales can be intimidating to humans due to their size.
  • Large – Whales are very large animals, some reaching over 100 feet in length.
  • Loud – Whales are very loud creatures, with some producing sounds that can reach over 188 decibels.
  • Migratory – Many species of whales migrate long distances every year.
  • Mysterious – Whales are often seen as mysterious creatures due to their intelligence and behavior.
  • Powerful – Whales are powerful animals, with some species able to dive to great depths.
  • Smart – Whales are very smart creatures, with some studies showing they have self-awareness.
  • Social – Whales are social creatures and live in groups called pods.
  • Unique – Whales are unique creatures, with each species having its own distinct features.


Whales are majestic animals that have fascinated humans for centuries. Whales have different species, varying in size, color, and behavior. As many words can describe them, these are some of the most popular ones.