Adjectives for Elephants: Words to Describe Elephants

Some of the most popular adjectives to describe an elephant are adorable, enormous, and heavyweight. While they’re all that, they’re also so much more.

  • Adorable – They are often considered to be cute animals due to their big ears, plump body, and trunk that is used for a nose.
  • Amazing – They are the largest land mammal on Earth and can weigh up to six and a half tons!
  • Astonishing – An elephant’s trunk alone can weigh up to two hundred pounds and is extremely muscular.
  • Colossal – As the largest land mammal, they can be quite intimidating despite their gentle nature.
  • Cumbersome – Due to their size, they can be difficult to care for in captivity.
  • Enormous – An adult elephant can grow to be up to six and a half feet tall at the shoulder and twenty-five feet long from trunk to tail!
  • Gigantic – Their large size allows them to consume up to two hundred fifty pounds of food per day.
  • Heavyweight – The biggest elephants can weigh in at a whopping two hundred sixty-six thousand pounds!
  • Herculean – They are incredibly strong, able to lift objects with their trunks that weigh up to two thousand pounds!
  • Jumbo – This is perhaps the most well-known adjective used to describe elephants, likely due to the fact that they’re big and fluffy.
  • Killer – Despite their gentle nature, they are still wild animals and have been known to kill people.
  • Pachyderm – This is a scientific term used to describe animals with thick skin, such as elephants, rhinos, and hippos.
  • Prehistoric – Elephants have been around for a very long time, with some estimates placing their origins back over sixty million years ago.
  • Venerable – Given their long lifespan and slow rate of reproduction, elephants are considered to be a very venerable species.

Final Thoughts

Elephants are great animals that are loved by many. The next time you see one, take a moment to appreciate all the adjectives that describe them.