Why Do Dolphins Follow Boats And Ships?

One reason dolphins follow boats is because of their innate curiosity. Dolphins are curious creatures, and they’ll often investigate anything that’s moving or making noise in their environment. This includes boats, which can sometimes disrupt the natural peace of their habitat.

Another reason dolphins follow boats is because of the food found near them. Boats usually carry fish, which can attract dolphins that are looking for a snack. Moreover, dolphins take advantage of the waves emitted by boats to gain swimming distance and speed.

What Dangers Do Dolphins Face When They Follow Boats?

Dolphins often face injury or death from getting caught in fishermen’s gear, as well as water pollution and other consequences of human presence. Dolphins may be injured or killed when they become caught up in fishing nets and lines, or when they are struck by passing boats.

In addition, dolphins can ingest rubbish and debris, such as plastic bags and other objects that have been accidentally discarded into their habitat. Furthermore, they may also be exposed to toxic substances such as chemicals and heavy metals that have been released into the water due to human activities.

Do Boats Affect Dolphin Activity?

Markov chain analysis showed that when tour boats were present, dolphins were less social, more likely to travel, and less likely to forage. According to the study, dolphins act differently when tour boats are around than they do under normal conditions.