What Is A Male Deer Called?

The term ‘buck’ is generally used to refer to a male deer, and is a commonly used term in hunting and wildlife communities. Deer are members of the Cervidae family, which also includes elk, moose, and caribou. Bucks are known for their impressive antlers, which they use to establish dominance during breeding season.

Do all deers have antlers?

In most deer species, antlers are a characteristic exclusive to males. However, in the case of reindeer (also known as caribou), both males and females grow antlers.

What do deers eat?

Deers are herbivores and primarily eat foliage from trees and crops, as well as grasses, fruits, and nuts. Their diets can vary depending on the season and region.


Deer are beautiful animals that play a role in maintaining the balance of nature, as they are part of many ecosystems. With their impressive antlers and long legs, they are always a pleasure to watch. Among deer, bucks stand out with their impressive antlers and strong presence, making them a true marvel for animal lovers and enthusiasts.