What Is a Group of Parrots Called? – Parrots Collective Nouns.

Parrots are typically referred to in collective nouns such as a pandemonium, a flock, or a company. Other collective nouns for a group of parrots include a prattle and a psittacosis. The collective noun pandemonium is derived from the Greek words pan (all), demos (people), and kome (village) respectively. These terms are used to describe the loud and chaotic nature of a group of parrots, as well as the communal living habits of the birds. The term prattle is derived from the Old English word pratte, which means to chatter or babble, and is used to describe the sound of a group of parrots talking. The term psittacosis is derived from the Greek word psittakos, which means parrot, and is used to describe a group of parrots.