What Group Of Animals Is Called A Congress?

The group of animals known as a congress is made up of a group of ravens, crows, or salamanders. Some people called a group of baboons a congress as well, however, this is technically incorrect. Only the three mentioned animals can be called a congress as a group.

A group of salamanders may also be referred to as a herd, just like many other grazing quadrupedal ungulates, such as cattle, deer, and elephants.

Other Facts About The Term “Congress”

The term is no longer used to describe a group of animals, but of course, it can be used to describe a group of people. When used in this context, a congress is a meeting or an assembly of representatives who have been elected by the people.

Today, a group of salamanders is now popularly known as a “herd” rather than a congress and a group of ravens and crows are called a “flock” just like the general animal term for birds.

The reason for this change in terminology is largely unknown, although it could be speculated that the word “congress” has taken on a more human connotation in recent years.