What Do Groundhogs Eat?

Groundhogs are herbivores, so they mainly eat plants and crops. In the wild, their diet consists of flowers, grass, and other leafy greens. They also eat fruits and vegetables, nuts, and seeds. They occasionally eat snails, grubs, and grasshoppers but not as often as other animals do.

Are Groundhogs Related to Squirrels?

Groundhogs, also called woodchucks, are part of the large ground squirrel family. Adult hedgehogs can reach a total length of 27 inches and can weigh from 2 to 6.3 kilograms. Similar to squirrels, they have four incisor teeth that keep growing.

What Animals Prey on Groundhogs?

Groundhogs are preyed on by a variety of animals, including foxes, badgers, domestic dogs, and coyotes. Baby groundhogs are eaten by owls, eagles, and other raptors. They can swim and climb trees if they need to escape predators, but they usually stay close to the ground or hide in their burrows.

Do Groundhogs Scream?

When they feel threatened, groundhogs would let out a whistling noise or loud shrill to scare predators and inform other groundhogs of danger.

Where Do Groundhogs Sleep?

These cute creatures burrow and live in underground dens or tunnels. Groundhogs can dig burrows that are up to 4 feet deep and 30 feet long! They use these dens for hibernation, shelter, and raising their young.

What Is the Lifespan of Groundhogs?

Groundhogs have an average lifespan of three years, but some may live up to six.

Are Groundhogs Dangerous to Humans?

They are generally scared of humans and rarely interact with them. However, they can attack if they feel threatened or if they’re protecting their babies. Their powerful front teeth can leave a nasty bite. They can also carry rabies and other diseases that can be transmitted to humans. It’s best to stay away from groundhogs and leave them alone.


Groundhogs are cute animals who may live in your backyard without you even knowing it! These creatures are mainly herbivores, eating mostly plants and crops. Although they’re not dangerous to humans, it’s best to stay away from them as they can carry diseases. If you see a groundhog, enjoy its cuteness from a distance!