Top 10 Most Forgetful Animals In The World

Bees, hamsters, and dogs rank among the top 10 most forgetful animals. These memory lapses vary from short-term recall challenges to difficulties in associative behaviors.

If you’re feeling forgetful yourself, take comfort in knowing that you’re not alone. These 10 animals are notoriously forgetful, and they’ll make you feel better about your own lapses in memory!

1. Bees

You might not think about it, but memory is actually vital for bees, specifically honeybees. Bees need to remember the location of their hive, where to find nectar-rich flowers, and how to navigate. In regards to their short-term memory, they’re unfortunately lagging behind.

Within a span of just a week, they might forget important locations like where their hive is. Despite this, they have other navigation methods and instincts that help them carry out their essential roles in nature.

2. Hamster

Hamsters have limited long-term memory capabilities. Studies show that their long-day memories last for about 6.5 weeks, decrease significantly after 13 weeks, and disappear entirely by 20 weeks.

This limited memory span may be one reason why hamsters are predominantly domesticated pets rather than being commonly found in the wild.

3. Chimpanzee

A chimpanzee’s memory is pretty dismal in comparison to other animals. In fact, they can only remember something that just happened for 20 seconds on average!

They just have better long-term and working memory than short-term memory! Even though they can remember and reason like a five-year-old, their short-term memory is very bad.

4. Seal

Because seals have such a short-term memory of 18 seconds, they are constantly forgetting what it is that they are doing. They are mostly unaware of their own behavior because they can’t remember what they were trying to do less than 30 seconds after starting.

Though they’re highly trainable, you might wonder why they’re part of the list. It’s because they have a good capacity for remembering things long-term and are intelligent animals with strong sensory skills.

5. Giraffe

A giraffe’s short-term memory is only about 30 seconds. This would be a problem if they had to use kettles, but thankfully, they don’t! They may not be the sharpest tools in the shed, but at least they can remember things that happened in the past.

Although they look like they are very intelligent, their short-term memory only lasts for a few seconds. In fact, a giraffe’s short-term memory is so bad that it can’t even remember what they have done.

6. Dogs

Dogs have a short-term memory that lasts about 2 minutes. While they might forget recent events quickly, they rely on “associative memory” to remember certain behaviors or responses.

This associative memory is more about linking actions with outcomes, such as associating the command “sit” with receiving a treat, rather than recalling specific events.

7. Ostrich

Ostriches possess a notably short-term memory, retaining information for just about 10 seconds. This limited memory might explain some of their seemingly aimless behaviors.

Their distinctive wide-set eyes and unique head structure can sometimes lead to misconceptions about their intelligence. Ostriches are dominant birds, and there have been instances where they confront or attack humans.

8. Snake

Snakes have the ability to identify and remember scents, which guides them towards previously encountered animals or items. While they may not recall specific intentions, they possess an innate sense guiding their actions.

9. Baboon

Baboons typically live between 20 to 30 years, with some reaching up to 40 years. They are recognized for their intelligence and strong familial bonds.

Recent studies have indicated that baboons can understand words and process language logically. While they possess a robust long-term memory, their short-term memory is not as pronounced, and the exact duration of their recall remains an area of study.

10. Turkey

They don’t look intelligent, and unfortunately, their appearance is an accurate portrayal of their cognitive abilities. They may not be the brightest creatures, but at least they taste good and we can eat them once a year. Also, they won’t realize because they can’t recall if there were four or eight turkeys beforehand.

Final Thoughts

While these animals are quite forgetful, others just have poor short-term memory. However, all of them are still interesting creatures that are adorable to watch! It’s amazing how different each animal is, yet they all share the common trait of forgetfulness. We hope you enjoyed learning about the top 10 most forgetful animals in the world!