How To Scare Doves Away From Your Balcony

Scaring doves away from your balcony is achievable by employing a combination of deterrent techniques, sound and smell strategies, and keeping your balcony well-maintained to ensure their unwelcome return. Luckily, there are plenty of safe and humane methods that you can do to help keep those doves at bay.

Deterrent Techniques for Balcony Doves

Deterrent techniques play an essential role in keeping your balcony dove-free by making the area uninviting to these birds. To discourage doves from landing and nesting, consider adopting the following visual deterrents:

  • Reflective objects: Attach shiny, reflective items, such as CDs, aluminum foil, or metallic streamers, to your balcony. The sunlight reflecting off these items creates a disorienting effect, which deters doves from approaching.
  • Decoys: Strategically place fake predators, like plastic owls or rubber snakes, on your balcony. These decoys can frighten doves away, by giving them the impression that a potential threat is present.
  • Bird spikes: Install bird spikes on surfaces where doves commonly land or nest within your balcony. This creates an uneven surface, making it difficult for these birds to perch or establish their nests.

Sound and Smell Strategies

In addition to visual deterrents, sound and smell strategies can be effective in deterring doves from visiting your balcony. Incorporating these repellents into your balcony maintenance can create an unwelcoming environment for these birds:

  • Wind chimes: Install wind chimes in various spots around your balcony. The unpredictable and irregular sounds produced by the chimes can startle and scare away doves.
  • Essential oils: Dab strong-smelling essential oils, like peppermint, eucalyptus, or lavender, on cotton balls and strategically place them around your balcony. These natural scents are not only pleasant and refreshing for humans; they can also keep doves and other birds at bay due to their strong, overpowering aroma.

Balcony Maintenance and Precautions

Proper balcony maintenance and precautions are necessary to ensure doves don’t find your outdoor space inviting for nesting or feeding. Following these steps can help protect your balcony from these unwanted visitors:

  • Cleanliness: Regularly clean your balcony, remove any bird droppings, nests, and dispose of trash or clutter. A tidy space makes it less appealing for doves looking to establish nests.
  • Food sources: Make sure to keep food sources away from your balcony. This includes bird feeders, pet food, and uncovered trash cans. Doves are attracted to easily accessible food, so removing it can discourage their presence.
  • Bird netting: As a final measure, consider installing bird netting around your balcony. By creating a barrier with the netting, you prevent doves from flying in and discourage them from returning.

Prohibited methods of deterring doves

The prohibited methods of deterring doves include:

  • Poisoning: The use of poisons or harmful substances to harm or kill doves is strictly prohibited and illegal in most jurisdictions.
  • Trapping: Capturing doves in traps or snares is generally considered inhumane and is often prohibited by animal welfare regulations.
  • Physical harm: Any actions that cause physical harm, injury, or suffering to doves, such as setting up sharp spikes or traps, are prohibited and unethical.

Choosing humane and non-lethal methods to deter doves and other wildlife is crucial to protect the well-being of all creatures and maintain a healthy ecosystem. By prioritizing their welfare, we can effectively deter doves without causing harm or disruption to other living creatures.


Scaring doves away from your balcony is achievable by implementing a combination of deterrent techniques. Install spikes and reflective objects to deter them physically, utilize chimes and strong aroma scents to put them off with sound and smell, and maintain your balcony regularly. By following these methods, you can say goodbye to dove-induced disruptions and embrace the serene space you deserve on your balcony.