How To Keep Goats Out Of Chicken Feed?

To keep goats out of chicken feed, employ strategies like secure storage solutions and thoughtful feeder placement and design, as well as installing physical barriers to prevent access.

Key Takeaways

  • Secure Storage: Invest in tight-sealing containers or dedicated feed rooms to store chicken feed, away from curious goats.
  • Feeder Innovation: Use feeders designed for chickens that are difficult for goats to access, like those that require the weight of the chicken to dispense feed.
  • Physical Barriers: Erect fences or other barriers that are tall enough and sturdy enough to keep goats out of chicken feeding areas.

1. Effective Feed Storage Solutions

Effective feed storage solutions are vital in deterring goats from getting into chicken feed. Goat-proof containers with secure lids are essential to prevent these crafty animals from reaching the feed. Metal trash cans and heavy-duty plastic bins equipped with locking mechanisms provide robust options for safeguarding your chicken feed. These containers not only protect the feed from goats but also from other animals and pests, ensuring your flock receives the intended nourishment without any unintended guests joining the feast.

  • Goat-Proof Containers: Utilize containers specifically designed to resist tampering by goats.
  • Metal Trash Cans: Opt for metal cans with lids that clamp down tightly, providing a solid barrier.
  • Heavy-Duty Plastic Bins: Choose sturdy plastic bins that come with locks or can be retrofitted with padlocks or bungee cords for added security.

2. Strategic Feeder Placement and Design

When it comes to keeping goats out of chicken feed, strategic feeder placement and design are key. Placing feeders at an elevation prevents goats, who are not adept climbers like chickens, from reaching the food. Creating a restricted-access feeding area can be another effective measure, which could include the installation of a goat-proof chicken door that allows only chickens to enter. DIY enthusiasts may also consider customizing feeders to enhance their selectivity, making it more challenging for goats to gain access to the coveted chicken feed.

  • Elevated Feeders: Hang feeders high enough so that chickens can reach but goats cannot.
  • Restricted Access: Set up a feeding zone exclusive for chickens, possibly within a coop or fenced area.
  • Goat-Proof Chicken Door: Install specialized doors that restrict entry to chickens alone.
  • DIY Custom Feeders: Modify existing feeders or create new ones that cater to the specific size and behavior of chickens, deterring goats.

3. Implementing Physical Barriers

To effectively keep goats away from chicken feed, the implementation of physical barriers is necessary. Adequate fencing serves as a line of defense, separating goats from areas designated for chickens. It’s important to select fencing materials and designs that are robust enough to withstand goats’ propensity to climb, push, or jump. The goal is to ensure that the chickens have exclusive access to their feed by creating a secure chicken run or specified feeding zone that goats cannot penetrate.

  • Sturdy Fencing: Choose materials like chain link, wood, or welded wire that are durable and can’t be easily breached by goats.
  • Appropriate Height: Ensure the fence is tall enough to prevent goats from jumping over it.
  • Tight Gaps: Opt for fencing with small gaps to stop goats from squeezing through or reaching in with their heads.
  • Secured Perimeter: Check the fencing regularly for weaknesses and reinforce any areas that could potentially allow goat entry.