How Strong Are Kangaroos?

Kangaroos are extremely powerful animals. They have most of their power in their hind legs, being able to jump high and kick with strong power. They are able to kick with 759 pounds of force and jump up to 10 feet high. They are also known to use their hands to box other kangaroos.

With how powerful their kicks are, they are able to break bones and fight off any threat that comes their way. Kangaroos also have the strength to jump high and far, allowing them to travel over long distances quickly. With their large hind feet and powerful legs, kangaroos can jump up to 10 feet.

Are kangaroos aggressive?

Because of how strong they are, they can be aggressive, but they don’t show their aggression just because they can. Kangaroos are typically docile animals that avoid confrontation when possible. However, if they feel threatened, they are unpredictable and can show their aggression by kicking out with powerful legs and boxing with their strong hands.

Do kangaroos use their strength for hunting?

Since kangaroos are herbivores, they don’t use their power to kill and hunt animals. Even if they are capable of killing and hunting animals that are bigger than them, kangaroos don’t have the need to kill them and eat their meat.

Do kangaroos use punches?

Kangaroos use punches as a boxing match against other kangaroos. Kangaroos participate in boxing contests with other roos to establish their stance in their hierarchy and win over mates. When a kangaroo establishes dominance, they are then responsible for the next generation of Joeys.

Kangaroos’ punches are weaker than their kicks. So, when they are fighting against other animals, they don’t use their punches. Instead, they rely on their legs to deliver a powerful blow and fight off any threat. They know which body part to utilize effectively against opponents.


Kangaroos are powerful animals with strong legs and powerful kicks. They are able to jump high, travel long distances quickly, and fight off threats using their powerful legs. Although they can be aggressive at times, they are typically docile herbivores that rely on their fighting abilities only when necessary.