How Fast Is A Rattlesnake Strike In Mph And Kmph?

A rattlesnake can strike up to 8.9 m/h, or 14.3 km/h. Even though it may not look like it, their strikes are fast. In fact, they can only strike a small distance—which is usually around 2/3 of the length of the snake, so they can close in quickly.

A study conducted on the strikes of rattlesnakes in different temperatures showed that they can strike with an average speed of 4 meters per second. With this reach and speed, they can hit their target in less than a second if it’s within close enough range.

Do snakes strike anything they see?

Snakes only strike other animals if it is necessary. Snakes typically don’t strike anything or everything they see at once. They are considered defensive animals, only attacking when they are threatened or disturbed. Another reason for snakes to strike is to hunt, using their quick attacks to make quick catches.

Does a change in temperature alter a rattlesnake’s strike?

A change in temperature may affect the speed of a rattlesnake’s strike. In the study that has been conducted on rattlesnakes, they found that when snakes are exposed to different temperatures, their strikes can vary from 3.5 meters per second up to 5 meters per second, with snakes striking slower when they are in lower temperatures. This is because the temperature affects the snake’s decision-making and muscle movement.

How far can a rattlesnake’s strike reach?

A rattlesnake can only strike as far as 2/3 of its body length. However, they vary depending on the size of the snake. This means that the longer the snake, the longer its strike can reach. Generally, it’s best to keep a safe distance away from any snakes you may encounter, as they can attack at lightning-fast speeds.


A rattlesnake can strike very quickly, reaching speeds up to 8.9 m/h or 14.3 km/h in the right conditions. This makes their strikes highly dangerous, so it’s important to keep a safe distance and avoid disturbing them whenever possible. If you do encounter a rattlesnake, it’s important to stay calm and move slowly so that you don’t provoke it. With a little knowledge and careful handling, you can safely avoid any rattlesnake strikes.