How Fast Can Black Panthers Run?

Depending on the species, black panthers can run at speeds of 35 to 51 miles per hour. Since a black panther is not a specie of its own, its speed varies depending on what type of specie it is. A leopard’s top speed is 35 miles per hour, while a jaguar’s is 51.

What is a black panther?

A black panther is a melanistic color variant of either the jaguar or leopard. Black panthers in Asia and Africa are leopards, while in the Americas they are jaguars. Black panthers have dark or black fur, which helps them hide in the forest when hunting for prey. They are also great swimmers and climbers, able to hold their breath underwater for up to five minutes.

Can you outrun a black panther?

It is impossible for a person to outrun a black panther because these big cats can run so incredibly fast. Compared to the top running speed of an average person running for their life, which is around 12 miles per hour, to the slower black panther with a running speed of 35 miles per hour, there is no chance that anyone could escape one if being chased.

Can a black panther win a race against a cheetah?

A black panther cannot beat the fastest animal in the world. Even though a black panther is a great runner, it cannot compare to the speed of a cheetah. The fastest recorded speed of a cheetah running at full sprint on land is approximately 70 miles per hour, while the average top speed for a black panther is 51 miles per hour.


Whether you are running from a black panther or racing one, it is impossible to beat these fast and powerful big cats. With their dark fur that helps them hide in the forest while hunting, their great swimming and climbing abilities, and their unmatched speed, black panthers are truly amazing animals.