Furcifer Oustaleti

The Malagasy giant chameleon (Furcifer Oustaleti) is a large, unique kind of chameleon that can be found only on the island of Madagascar. The species is acclimated to the hot savannah climate and has prospered from changes to the landscape brought about by deforestation. 

There is said to be an introduced population in Kenya, and a breeding one as well in southern Florida.

Although they are considerably large, the Malagasy Giant Chameleon is one of the more tranquil and docile members of its species. Male chameleons do not coexist well with one another, and pregnant females also prefer to be alone. Not only do these animals have a lazy streak, but they also don’t seem to mind humans too much.


Furcifer Oustaleti, with a total length of 68.5 cm (27 in) including the tail, is the biggest chameleon species. Its head has a high casque, numerous crests, and 45 or more small triangular spikes running down the spine.

The coloring of these animals is quite diverse, typically being some mix of grey and brown. Interestingly, female members of this species are often more colorful than males. There may be a line of huge scales, and there could be a row of four big circles along its flanks.


The rules for taking care of a Malagasy Giant Chameleon are the same as those for any other type of chameleon. The Malagasy Giant Chameleon has a hearty appetite, which is easily pleased as they will consume common insects along with baby mice. If in the wild, they might also chance upon small reptiles or birds.

Final Thoughts

The Malagasy Giant Chameleon is one of the most docile and laid-back creatures you’ll ever encounter. They are unique in both appearance and behavior, making them great pets for those who are looking for something quite unique. Be sure to do your research before taking on one of these guys, as they have specific care requirements that must be met in order for them to thrive.