10 Facts About Pigs

Pigs are fascinating animals that possess intelligence, agility, and diverse personalities. They showcase cleanliness, communicate through vocalizations, and form strong bonds with each other.

When it comes to discussing intriguing creatures, pigs often fly under the radar, usually reduced to their perceived reputations as ‘dirty’ or merely a farm animal. But beneath this superficial understanding, pigs are remarkably intelligent and complex beings with a host of fascinating characteristics.

1. Pigs Are Smarter Than Dogs

Studies have shown that pigs are remarkably intelligent creatures, with cognitive abilities surpassing even those of dogs. Pigs can solve complex problems, navigate mazes, learn and remember commands, and even play video games! They also possess a keen memory and can recognize familiar objects and individuals even after several years.

2. They Exhibit a Wide Range of Personalities

Like humans, each pig has its own unique personality. Some pigs may be outgoing and sociable, while others may be shy and reserved. This diversity in character makes pigs particularly interesting to observe, as they interact and communicate with one another in unique ways.

3. Pigs Are Social Animals

Pigs form strong bonds with other pigs. They are sociable creatures that enjoy companionship and can communicate with each other through a variety of sounds and signals. When given the opportunity, pigs even engage in playful behaviors, similar to dogs and primates.

4. Communicate Through a Range of Vocalizations

From grunts to squeals and everything in between, pigs communicate using a variety of vocalizations. These sounds help them express their emotions and intentions, establish hierarchy, and warn others of danger.

5. Have an Exceptionally Strong Sense of Smell

Pigs possess an incredible sense of smell, which they use for foraging and exploring their surroundings. Their snouts are powerful tools that can detect scents and food sources that are buried underground. This exceptional sense of smell is also used for communication and social bonding.

6. Pigs Can Be Quite Agile

Despite their robust physique, pigs are surprisingly agile. They can run at speeds of up to 11 miles per hour! Not just limited to land, pigs are also excellent swimmers. They’ve been known to swim long distances and can even use this skill to escape predators or seek out food sources.

7. Have Excellent Memory

Pigs have a fantastic memory. They can remember specific paths and places for years and can recognize other pigs and humans they have met before. This high memory retention allows them to learn quickly and adapt to various environments and situations.

8. They Are Surprisingly Clean Animals

Despite popular belief, pigs are not dirty animals. In fact, they are known to keep their sleeping and eating areas separate, showcasing their cleanliness and hygiene. Pigs wallow in mud not because they enjoy being dirty, but because they use it as a way to cool down, as they don’t sweat like humans do.

9. They Lack Sweat Glands, so They Cool Themselves in Mud

Have you ever seen a pig wallowing in the mud and thought it was dirty? In reality, pigs wallow in mud because they don’t have sweat glands┬álike humans and many other animals. Mud serves as a natural coolant and sunscreen, protecting their skin from sunburn and helping them maintain a comfortable body temperature.

10. Pigs Are Omnivorous and Opportunistic Eaters

Pigs have a very diverse diet and are known to be opportunistic eaters. They can consume both plants and animal matter, ranging from leaves, roots, fruits, and vegetables to insects and small animals. This dietary versatility allows pigs to thrive in a variety of environments.


In conclusion, pigs are fascinating creatures with their intelligence, diverse personalities, social nature, and surprising cleanliness. Next time you encounter these remarkable animals, remember these interesting facts and appreciate the complexity and charm of their nature.