10 Facts About Bearded Dragons

Bearded dragons are fierce-looking reptiles, known for their dragon-like appearance. But these exotic animals have unique characteristics and behaviors that make them particularly intriguing. With their spiky appearance, impressive beard displays, and diverse color morphs, they possess a striking and captivating visual appeal.

Here are 10 facts about bearded dragons that highlight their remarkable qualities:

1. Bearded dragons use unique gestures to communicate

Bearded dragons use unique gestures as a means of communication to convey various messages and establish social interactions. Examples of these gestures include head bobbing and arm waving. Through these distinct gestures, bearded dragons can communicate with conspecifics, signal territorial boundaries, express aggression or submission, and engage in courtship rituals.

2. Bearded Dragons: More Than Just a Name

The name “bearded dragon” originates from the unique arrangement of spiny scales, resembling a beard, that lines their neck. This distinctive feature not only sets them apart from other reptiles but also plays a crucial role in their communication. When a bearded dragon feels threatened or wants to assert dominance, it will puff out its beard, making it appear bigger and more intimidating.

3. Bearded dragons stomp their feet to attract mates

Other than waving their arms and bobbing their heads, male bearded dragons engage in a display of courtship by stomping their feet to attract females. During mating, the male will pursue the female and bite the back of her neck.

4. Bearded dragons are capable of changing color

Like their chameleon cousins, bearded dragons possess an extraordinary ability to change color based on their mood or environmental factors. This chameleon-like quality sets them apart from other reptiles and adds to their visual appeal.

The colors of a bearded dragon can shift when they are excited, stressed, or feeling threatened. Additionally, environmental factors such as temperature or lighting can impact their coloration. This unique capability not only serves as a communication tool but also helps them adjust to varying conditions, showcasing their adaptability as they interact with their surroundings.

5. Bearded dragons have a unique gender determination method and reproductive process

In bearded dragons, the incubation temperature plays an important role in determining the gender of their offspring. A higher incubation temperature results in more male offspring, while a lower temperature tends to produce female offspring.

Another exceptional aspect of their reproduction process is that female bearded dragons can store sperm after mating, allowing them to use it for future egg fertilization. This odd capability ensures that they have a higher chance of successful reproduction even when a suitable mate isn’t readily available.

6. Bearded dragons can grow their teeth back

Bearded dragons possess specialized cells which allows them to regrow their teeth. Unlike many other reptiles, bearded dragons have the remarkable ability to continuously replace their lost or damaged teeth throughout their lives.

7. Bearded dragons don’t pee

Bearded dragons do not urinate in the same way other animals do. Instead, they excrete urates, which are a white, chalky substance, along with their solid feces. This combination of solid waste and urates serves as their way of eliminating waste from their bodies.

8. Bearded dragons can swim

Although not primarily aquatic animals, bearded dragons possess a surprising ability to swim. This skill reveals their adaptability and resourcefulness when it comes to survival in various environments. Even though swimming is not their natural mode of travel, they can manage to move through the water with ease when required.

9. Bearded dragon bites hurt–but is not dangerous to humans

At times, bearded dragons may feel uneasy and exhibit skittish behavior, leading to occasional bites and scratches. They secrete a mild venom that helps deter predators but is non-venomous to humans. Bearded dragons’ venom is not a concern when handling them, making them safe pets for many households.

10. Bearded dragons are popular pets

Bearded dragons have gained immense popularity as pets, mainly due to their docile nature and adaptability to captivity environments. Their unique characteristics and relatively low-maintenance requirements make them suitable for a wide range of households.

Surprisingly, these friendly reptiles can even become comfortable walking on a leash, allowing owners to easily provide them with supervised outdoor experiences. Their ability to bond with their human caretakers make bearded dragons ideal pets for those looking to embark on the rewarding journey of reptile ownership.


Bearded dragons are captivating creatures with a range of unique characteristics, such as their intriguing communication gestures, remarkable agility, and color-changing capabilities. Their adaptability and captivating charm have made them popular pets worldwide. With their friendly nature and low-maintenance care, bearded dragons are excellent companions for exotic pet lovers.