Are There Monkeys In Japan?

The Japanese Macaque, also known as the Snow Monkey, is a species of monkey found in Japan. This animal has light brown fur and a pink face. It lives in the northern areas of Japan and is native to the country.

They live in troops of up and can be seen foraging, playing, grooming each other, and sometimes even swimming!

Why Are They Called Snow Monkeys?

Japanese Macaques are called ‘Snow Monkeys’ because of their habitats. They live in the Northernmost area of Japan and are known for being able to live in cold, snowy areas. They are the only non-human primates who can withstand such cold temperatures. 

Because of their special ability to survive in these conditions, they have become a popular tourist attraction in Japan and can be seen at multiple locations throughout the country. 

How Do Japanese Macaques Keep Their Bodies Warm?

Other than having thick furs, Japanese Macaques have learned ways to keep themselves warm, and are to bathe in hot spring water.

Locations like Jigokudani Monkey Park are particularly famous for its snow monkeys because visitors can watch the Japanese Macaques bathe in the hot springs.

Are Japanese Macaques Smart?

Japanese Macaques are highly intelligent animals, capable of learning and adapting to their environment. Some observations have been made that a female macaque washed sweet potato before eating it, and others followed suit. 

They can be seen engaging in complex interactions with one another that include social grooming, vocalizing, and cooperative behaviors.


Japan has unique and fascinating wildlife, and the Japanese Macaque is no exception. It is an impressive species that can survive in cold temperatures and has been observed engaging in complex behaviors. If ever you find yourself in Japan, keep an eye out for these amazing monkeys!