Are There Monkeys In Australia?

There are no native monkey species in Australia. Monkeys can only be seen in Australian zoos. While there is no direct study of why monkeys are not found in Australia, some speculate that the geography and no land bridge between Australia and other countries which monkeys can migrate from.

National Geographic explains how biogeographical regions of Asia, and Australia are divided by an imaginary boundary called the ‘Wallace and Weber Lines.’ This is a natural boundary that separates plants and animals from one region to another. 

Monkeys that are found in Asia, such as macaques, gibbons, and langurs, cannot cross this line since they are not able to swim or fly across it. In other words, the absence of natural connections between Australia and other countries that have monkeys is the reason why no wild monkeys are living in Australia.

Which Zoos in Australia Have Monkeys?

There are numerous zoos in Australia that house various species of monkeys, including Darling Downs Zoo, Adelaide Zoo, Hunter Valley Zoo, Taronga Zoo, and Melbourne Zoo. Some species of monkeys found in these zoos include the dusky leaf monkeys, hamadryas baboon, common marmosets, emperor tamarins, and tufted capuchins.

What Animals Are Exclusive to Australia?

Australia has a unique array of animals that are found exclusively in the country. These include koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, dingoes, platypuses, echidnas, and many more.


You can never find a monkey in the wild in Australia, but they can be seen in some zoos. Even though they are not native to the country, they make a great addition to the zoo environment. Australia is home to many unique animal species, which makes it an interesting place to explore and learn about!