Are There Elephants In South America?

Elephants are not native to South America, and as such, they are not commonly found in the wild in this region. However, they can be found in captivity in zoos, circuses, and other facilities in South America.

Despite their popularity and cultural significance, the captivity of elephants has been a topic of controversy and debate, with many advocating for their humane treatment and protection in the wild. This article will explore the history and current state of elephants in South America, including their presence in captivity and the efforts being made to protect and care for them.

How Many Elephants Are In South America?

Currently, there are no wild elephants living in South America. However, there are an estimated 50 elephants living in captivity in zoos, circuses, and other private facilities across the continent. 

The country with the most captive elephants is Brazil, with an estimated number of 35 elephants living in captivity.  The US-based non-profit organization Global Sanctuary for Elephants (GSE) has established its first project in Brazil, in response to the growing number of elephants displaced by bans on performing animals across South America. 

The Elephant Sanctuary in Brazil, located in the central state of Mato Grosso, was founded by GSE to provide a safe and natural environment for elephants to live in, and it is the first elephant sanctuary of its kind in Latin America.